EPA’s Region 7 Enforcement Report

Region 7 of the EPA has filed its 2009 Enforcement Report. That report can be found here:


While a lot of the report is a testimony to government taking credit for private sector investment, there are some salient facts:

Civil judicial enforcement cases referred to the Department of Justice by Region 7: 12
Civil judicial complaints were filed with the court: 17
Civil judicial cases concluded: 15
Supplemental environmental cases listed (not clear if these are concluded or filed, or both): 27
Administrative Penalty orders filed: 151
Amount committed by PRPs to reimburse the EPA: $133,832,010
Amount committed by PRPs to clean up Superfund Sites: $94,548,793
Administrative Penalties Assessed : $1,618,149
Judicial Penalties Assessed: $5,348,603
State/Local Judicial Penalties Assessed From Joint Federal-State/Local
Enforcement Actions: $7,632,952
Stipulated Penalties Paid: $2,034,355

Iowa’s share of these same figures are:

Civil judicial cases concluded: 1
Final Administrative Penalty orders filed: 34
Civil Penalties Assessed: $343,834

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