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  1. Bob Drustrup says:


    Cal Lundberg just forwarded your Iowa Environmental Compliance article fromJanuary about Chapter 133. The proposed Chapter 133 did address vapor intrusion in what I think was a concrete, comprehensive, and reasonable way. See Subrule 133.4(11).

    The length and technical aspects of the proposed rules were an obstacle to their understanding and, despite DNR’s attempts, we couldn’t engage people long enough for them to fully understand what was being proposed. In particular, the ag interests, who wouldn’t have been affected by the rules, were concerned that the rules might somehow be used against them. The DNR didn’t push it and no one else stepped forward and said we need to go through with this.

    I was pleased to see that you saw the need for the rules.


    Bob Drustrup

  2. Becky Svatos says:

    Jim – Thanks for your timely blog on the environmental impacts of Trump’s election. I agree with your thoughts. What do you think about his chances for getting rid of EPA? I don’t think he could accomplish that, but could definitely limit their funding. I also wonder what you think about the effectiveness of increased litigation by environmental groups like the Sierra Club to stop Trump administration changes to a number of environmental rules.

    Becky Svatos

    • James Pray says:

      I think that it is unlikely that the EPA will be eliminated altogether. However, one way it could happen is to move the funding to the states. That would inevitably result in a race to the bottom when it came to standards in order to attract and keep business. Ironically, Iowa does not even have the RCRA program now because our legislature has rejected the idea. A state like Michigan might welcome that because their air and water pollution would end up in Canada. And who likes Canadians, after all?

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