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News and Actions by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Iowa Attorney General Files Six UST Lawsuits

(From AG’s website) DES MOINES. The Attorney General’s Office filed six lawsuits around the state Wednesday to enforce Iowa law and environmental regulations concerning underground storage tanks used to hold gasoline and other petroleum products. In each case, owners or … Continue reading

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Roquette America pays a $560,000 penalty for air violations

(Extracted from Iowa Attorney General’s Office Website) DES MOINES. Attorney General Tom Miller said today that Lee County District Court Judge Mary Ann Brown has entered judgment against Roquette America, Inc., assessing a $560,000 civil penalty for air pollution violations … Continue reading

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Iowa EPC proposes new rules on major water sources

(From Iowa Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee Digest) Animal feeding operations: major water source, IAB Vol. XXVIII, No. 10, ARC 4652B, NOTICE. The EPC proposes to update its list of streams and rivers that constitute a “major water source”; this … Continue reading

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IDNR, Wind Advocates and Wildlife Groups Meet to Discuss Wind Siting Guidelines

Although only counties have regulatory authority over wind siting, the group may recommend a voluntary set of guidelines wind developers should follow when siting turbines in sensitive areas, to allow for maximum economic development in the state with minimum impact on wildlife. Continue reading

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IDNR Seeks Input on Major Water Sources — Could Impact Confinement Construction

(Excerpted from IDNR’s ECONEWSWIRE) DES MOINES – The DNR is seeking public comment on a proposed expansion of the list of major water sources. “These are additions and corrections to an existing list because some stream segments were missing,” said … Continue reading

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