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Final 2012 CERCLA Update

Two recent developments will likely change the face of CERCLA liability as the year draws to a close. First, the EPA issued its new bona fide prospective purchaser (“BFPP”) guidance for tenants on December 5, 2012. The BFPP definition in … Continue reading

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RPM Access, LLC sells an equity stake in its Rippey Wind Farm to Google

RPM Access, LLC announced on November 15, 2012 that it will receive a $75 million equity investment in their Rippey Wind Farm from Google Inc. BrownWinick law firm attorneys, James Pray, Bradley Kruse and Philip Stoffregen represented RPM Access, LLC … Continue reading

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Speculation over what environmental initiatives the Obama Administration may propose during the next thirty days

With the election over, speculation is rising as to whether the Administration will use the lame duck session and the fractious fiscal cliff negotiations to seize the opportunity to rush through a number of environmental changes. Current speculation includes: 1. … Continue reading

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North Carolina to pass law outlawing the use of exponential math when making climate change calculations

The North Carolina Senate has passed a bill outlawing the use of exponential math calculations when calculating climate change impacts on sea level changes. Instead, scientists are required to use linear math. This legislative mandate ignores any advances in mathematics … Continue reading

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EPA denies it is using drones to spy on Midwestern Farmers

Somehow a story broke today that the EPA is using drones to monitor Midwestern cattle farmers. It seems that Congressman Latham sent a letter to the EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson stating that “If these reports are accurate, EPA has conducted … Continue reading

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Branstad names Chuck Gipp as Director of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Following the resignation of Roger Lande, Governor Branstad has appointed Chuck Gipp, the Deputy Director, as Mr. Lande’s successor. Here is the formal press release on this change with the DNR: (DES MOINES) – Gov. Branstad this week named Chuck … Continue reading

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Formal Comments to the IDNR’s Proposed Rule Change for NOVs

April 11, 2012 Christine Paulson Department of Natural Resources, Air Quality Bureau 7900 Hickman Road, Suite 1 Windsor Heights, Iowa 50324 Re: Notice of Intended Action ARC 0051C, Chapter 17 of Iowa Administrative Code 567 Dear Ms. Paulson: I am … Continue reading

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Legal Issues Arise from Autonomous Vehicles.

Four cars approach an intersection with a four-way stop. Every car is heading in a different direction. All arrive the intersection at the same time and all are equipped with autonomous control and none of the driver/aka passengers are paying … Continue reading

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EPA proposes new Greenhouse Gas limits that will make it impossible to build coal-fired power plants.

Background: On April 2, 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Massachusetts v. EPA, that greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, are air pollutants under the Clean Air Act and that the EPA must determine if they threaten public health and … Continue reading

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Federal Court orders FDA to initiate withdrawal of sub-therapeutic levels of penicillin and tetracycline for animals.

Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., et al., v. United States Food and Drug Administration, et al., (S.D.N.Y. March 22, 2012) (1:11-cv-03562-THK) Online copy: HERE Background: In 1977 the FDA issued notices announcing its intent to withdraw approval of the use … Continue reading

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