Reuters withdraws ethanol hit piece.

On Friday, September 23, 2022, Reuters withdrew an article “How U.S. ethanol plants are allowed to pollute more than oil refineries.” Reuters cited “flawed interpretation of data on ethanol-plant pollution and fuel-production capacity” that “led to inaccurate estimates of carbon emissions for individual ethanol plants named in the story.” Ever since ethanol plants first started popping up in the Midwest it has been popular to attack them as bad for the environment. There has never been a lack of flawed data to rely on to support the attacks on one of the most important markets for Midwest corn growers. When these critical articles first appeared I remember doing my own calculations to see if there was any merit in these articles. My conclusion was that ethanol plants are better for the environment than petroleum alternatives and that without the ethanol market Midwest farms would face massive financial losses.

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