GOP vows to rewrite the Clean Air Act to strip out climate change regulatory authority

In an article in McClatchy, Representative Fred Upton, Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee was quoted as saying “We will be active and aggressive using every tool in the toolbox to protect American jobs and our economy by rolling back the job-destroying (greenhouse gas) regulations.” This is part of the stated GOP agenda announced by House leadership.

Even if the Democratically-controlled Senate blocks any such legislation from becoming law, this is a nail in the coffin for any legislative move on climate change. The next election cycle will likely decide whether the voters want to move forward or retreat from any climate change regulations. It will be interesting to see what other language is added to the Republican bill to ease regulations for other industries. That language will likely reappear if the Republicans regain control of the Senate in two years. The “toolbox” language is also a code word for defunding unpopular programs through the appropriations process.

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