NY Times reports that Germans Find Dioxins in Small Farms

Here is something I’ve never thought could be a real problem that has cropped up in Germany. Dioxins have been found in the feed used by small farms. The levels are many times higher than what is allowed for feed, yet still well below the levels for human consumption, so there is no risk that people will get cancer in Germany from eating pork and eggs that come from these farms, Still, the question is where did this dioxin come from? In 1999 an investigation showed that dioxin-contaminated sewage sludge and used motor oil has been blended with feed. I imagine that somebody in Europe had the great idea to add something to their feed mix that was not supposed to go into feed. The USDA is investigating this latest outbreak to make sure that none of this contaminated feed was ent to the US. Just when you thought you had heard everything.

Germans Fear Dioxin Has Contaminated Small Farms

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