Iowa Ethanol Roundup

Iowa is criticized for failing to pass an ethanol mandate.

As reported in the press, Senate File 2359 did not get sufficient support to allow the bill to move forward. That bill would have created a mandate that all gasoline sold in Iowa have at least 10% ethanol. Only 73% of gasoline sold in Iowa contains ethanol. Opposition to the bill was led by the fuel retailers, petroleum marketers, and the trucking industry. Because Iowa is the nation’s leading producer of ethanol, the failure to enact an ethanol mandate has been criticized as “ironic” in Energy Tribune:

At the very same time that the ethanol lobby is pushing the Obama administration to break the “blend wall,” which prohibits gasoline retailers from selling fuel containing more than 10% ethanol, the Iowa legislature can’t even pass a measure that would require Iowans to buy gasoline containing 10% ethanol.


30,000 gallon ethanol spill in Iowa.

The Union Pacific experienced a 30,000 gallon ethanol leak from a tank car in Greene and Boone Counties in Iowa on March 2nd. The train was reported to have been enroute from Blair Nebraska to Texas. Initial investigation suggests that the cause of the leak was a mechanical failure on the bottom outlet valve on the tank car. The bottom valve is usually equipped with two separate caps. The only ethanol plant in Blair Nebraska is an 85,000 gallon per year Cargill wet mill ethanol plant. I am not stating that the Cargill plant was the source or was at fault pending an announcement by authorities after further investigation.


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