Legislative bill to allow application of manure on snow blows through Iowa House

House File 2324 is on a very fast track. It was introduced on the 8th by Zirkelbach, immediately referred to Ag, referred to a subcommittee on the 9th and the committee report recommending passage was issued that same day. I see that penalties for air violations are referenced in the explanation but I cannot find any actual statutory change. The bill would take immediate effect. I suspect that the bill may have legs given the very thick snow cover in northern Iowa, but that is just a guess. I recently drove to Minnesota and the snow pack in the northern tier counties is amazing. It is going to be a huge mess this spring.

House File 2324 is an act relating to confinement feeding operations. It provides for common ownership and management of the operations and the application of manure originating from operations on snow covered or frozen ground.


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