IDNR Seeks Input on Major Water Sources — Could Impact Confinement Construction

(Excerpted from IDNR’s ECONEWSWIRE)

DES MOINES – The DNR is seeking public comment on a proposed expansion of the list of major water sources.

“These are additions and corrections to an existing list because some stream segments were missing,” said Gene Tinker, coordinator of the DNR’s animal feeding operations program.

Tinker added that the changes could have an effect on the construction or expansion of confinement buildings and manure storage structures.

“There is a setback distance of 1,000 feet from a major water source that all sizes of confinements must meet when constructing, modifying or expanding,” Tinker said.

A similar setback of 500 feet is required for confinement feeding operations that build, modify or expand near a water source.

The setback distances do not apply for confinement producers who provide a secondary containment barrier that meets DNR standards.

People can make comments at a public meeting to be held at 1:30 p.m., Dec. 1, in the fourth floor conference room of the Wallace Building, 502 East Ninth St., in Des Moines.

Written comments can also be sent to the DNR at the Wallace Building address by midnight or postmarked on Dec. 1.

For more information and a list of the proposed major water sources, check the DNR Web site at

For more information, contact Gene Tinker at (563) 927-2640.

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