EPA Comment Period for 303(d) List Expires December 19th

The EPA has announced its decision on Iowa’s 2004 Section 303(d) List (impaired waters), and is giving the public the opportunity to review its decision to add waters back to the state’s 303(d) list. Under Section 303(d) of the 1972 Clean Water Act (CWA), states, territories, and authorized tribes are required to develop lists of impaired waters every two years. By law, EPA must approve or disapprove those 303(d) lists. EPA is partially approving and partially disapproving Iowa’s 2004 Section 303(d) List. EPA’s decision document and supporting documentation were mailed to the state November 14.

EPA is adding 20 water bodies and associated pollutants of concern to Iowa’s list. Of these 20 water bodies, six were removed by the state in its final 2004 list and are being restored to the list by EPA. EPA is also approving Iowa’s listing of 216 water bodies and delisting of 43 water bodies.

The 30-day public comment period on EPA’s decision began Nov. 18. The comment period ends Dec. 19. (Dec. 18 falls on a Sunday.) The list and supporting information will be available on-line by Nov. 18 at:

For more information, please call Karen Flournoy, EPA Region 7, at (913)
551-7782 or toll-free at (800) 223-0425.

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